We all fit - Quinn Threads of Heart Tee

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Your Different Is Your Beautiful - Quinn Threads of Heart Tee by @shopjumpingjack

PLEASE READ: Choose BOTH STYLE and SIZE in either ADULT or KIDS (if the "Style" is an adult tee it will not let you choose a kids size).

S I Z I N G  G U I D E :  All adult crew and v neck tees are unisex sizing and run slightly big. For women: size down if you prefer a tight fitted look or stick with your regular size for a loose fit. Women's Racerback tanks are fitted- size up for a more flowy fit. Women's muscle tanks are a flowy fit and true to size. Kids tees are also true to size. See size chart in last image.

Quinn was born a perfect healthy little girl! Full of life and such a sweet calm baby! Around 3 months I started to notice that she was not meeting her milestones EVERYONE including doctors said she was fine and to relax. It was soon discovered that she had strabismus and would need corrective surgery. This WAS OUR ANSWER all the doctors assured me this was the cause of all the delays ... then they started to notice she had low muscle tone but again..”we will keep an eye on it” no big deal... around 5/6 months I reached out to Arizona early intervention and requested an evaluation (something the docket normally does) they came to my house and she had to score a 70 or below to qualify Cognitive test ... she scored a ZERO... zero! She was immediately put in all kinds of therapy and our journey with neurologists and development pediatricians started. In September at just a year she had eye surgery and that following January she was hospitalized for three days being diagnosed failure to thrive as well as soon after receiving a diagnosis of hypotonia cerebral palsy... we sat with this for a while while we waited to get into a genetics doctor. During this time Quinn received a walker and two different types of braces, SMOs and AFOs ... skipping a few months we finally got into a genetics doctor They determined that Quinn has a genetic mutation that falls under the autism umbrella called EEF1A2 disorder, her exact mutation is the only one that’s ever been seen and her little life is a “watch and see” or until there is more research on her mutation. It’s closely related to epilepsy and she is a HIGH risk for seizures but thankfully has not had any we know of yet. She will be starting developmental preschool in the fall and needs a adaptive stroller as well as many other thing that include assistive technology and adaptive everyday items. She is non verbal with a vision impairment so the commutation can be tricky. She is overall super happy and playful and loves lights, sounds, videos, balls, as well as many different textiles. She currently is receiving, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy, and vision therapy. Quinn also has two brothers 6, and 4. They are so good with her and super helpful and willing to help her. We are so thankful for our Mighty Quinn and our mission is just to spread acceptance and love. 💗

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