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❤️Mamas in this group❤️
I want you know: We have you. You are never alone. Stay in the middle as long as you need. While you are under attack, while you need us to surround you so you can heal, recover…we will stay in formation. We close ranks and literally have your back. We do the heavy lifting while you- our sister is down.
And when healing finally begins, when the days and nights have passed and our sister is ready to rise back up, we sound our trumpets because we saw it through together.
Love you all. - Grace Grutter

“In the wild, when a mama elephant is giving birth, all the other female elephants in the herd back around her in formation. They close ranks so the delivering mama cannot even be seen in the middle. They stomp and kick up dirt and soil to throw attackers off the scent and basically act like a pack of fierce bodyguards.
They surround the mama and incoming baby in protection, sending a clear signal to predators that if they want to attack their friend while she is vulnerable, they’ll have to get through forty tons of female aggression first.
When the baby elephant is delivered, the sister elephants do two things: they kick sand or dirt over the newborn to protect its fragile skin from the sun, and then they all start trumpeting, a female celebration of new life, of sisterhood, of something beautiful being born in a harsh, wild world despite enemies and attackers and predators and odds."