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Graphic tees to raise funds and help loved ones going through loss, illness or other life changing events.

How does it work?

Choose a design below or email us with your custom idea. We have found a more generic tee design will allow more people to purchase. One that is very personalized limits the audience for fundraising.

All tees are UNISEX sizing. Women can size down for a fitted feel or stick with their regular size for a boyfriend loose fit. Choose a tee color from the drop down menu (colors marked with a (V) also come in a vneck option).

If you would like to offer a tee that is only ADULT sizes, there are many more colors to choose from in that listing. Please choose the Adult tee listing HERE.

Check out ($0.00 cost) and you will receive a proof image. A product listing will be created in our Threads of Heart section. The direct link will be emailed to you. Share the link with family and friends to purchase their tee.

A portion of the proceeds from every shirt sale will be donated directly to the family in need. Tees will be automatically shipped to each purchaser.